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Reef-Safe Sunscreen

When people go to the beach, they need a couple of things. One of them is sunscreen, people put it on and go into the water where hundreds of coral reefs live. Sunscreen kills and bleaches coral reefs. When a coral gets bleached it turns white and not only its not pretty but it kills the coral. The chemicals in sunscreen that make us safe and kill corals are oxybenzone and octinoxate. These chemicals protect us humans and kill beautiful coral reefs. UV-protective oxybenzone is a genotoxicant for coral. This means that it causes destructive mutations at the genetic level. If a lot of people go to one beach and don’t have reef-safe sunscreen then there is a higher concentrate of UV-protective oxybenzone then the coral will bleach and die faster, which is how symbiotic algae. Symbiotic algae live in coral giving it it’s beautiful color and when they are killed all that’s left is the coral’s white skeleton.

Brian Guadagno, a lifeguard who in 2012 made a company called Raw elements. A company that produces reef-safe sunscreen, that’s a huge scientific discovery and not many people even use an invention of a lifetime. Brian Guadagno did all the hard work for you now all you have to do is use his sunscreen,raw elements sunscreen. Another reef-safe sunscreen is Tropic Sports. “Oxybenzone and octinoxate are often used in 3 to 6 percent of the sunscreen formula, so it’s a significant amount,” Guadagno says.

One drop of toxins to coral in an Olympic swimming pool can affect it, and with 14,000 tons of sunscreen entering the ocean each year coral reefs are dying. In Hawaii policymakers introduced the law to ban both harmful chemicals and now both are banned. The center of biological diversity petitioned the U.S food and drug administration to ban both chemicals. Even though Hawaii has banned those two chemicals sunscreen is still going to leak into their ocean and harm their coral reefs from different states’ pollution. Hawaii has done their job now it’s time to do ours.

Reef Safe Sunscreens